Future of GoodByeBook


We are excited for the upcoming advancements of our business and service. Listed below is our plan for scaling this product.

Pre-Order Launch

July 10, 2020
The public sale of Goodbyebook Service Features prior to production release. Pre-Order sale is meant to identify customer segments to further grow future product features.

Launch Platform

September 10, 2020
Launch Platform initial features will include GoodbyeBooks unique passing activation verification, contact storage, contact notification, message storage, automated digital notification and messaging. Our service will also include a complementary wallet sized metal ID card.

Expand Features #1

January 10, 2021
Expand Features to enable video and voice messages to be digitally stored and distributed. We will also launch our marketplace to allow contacts of a customer unable to attend passing services to purchase and sent quality selections of products such as flowers, cards, and donate to special funds supported or made by the customer.

Expand Features #2

July 10, 2021
Launch of Native Mobile App both in iOS and Android to allow the full feature set to be accessed, and changed via mobile device. The mobile app will allow users the added benefit of directly syncing their contacts into their GoodbyeBook quickly.

White Labeling Platform

January 10, 2022
White Labeling Platform for third party monetization, allows other businesses to use our digital and physical backbone but under their unique brand. This will allow for global scaling into multiple languages and cultures.